Human Healthcare
Non-face-to-face Telemedicine Stethoscope

Advisory & performance
evaluation from
world-class medical

  • Applied "core sound processing technology" (HSC™)
    • Applied patent technology to precisely measure
    • Human sound signals (lung, heart, bronchial tubes and others)
  • Innovative product design optimized for telemedicine
  • Securing stable reliability of measured sound data
  • Maintain data consistency
    • Reliability in the entire process of measurement
    • Storage/analysis/data transmission

Key Functions


  • Based on IoMT (Medical Internet of Things)
  • Non-Face-To-Face Smart Stethoscope
  • Measure Precisely & Share Sound Data Remotely

Smart Application to Monitor

  • Collecting Vital Health Signals via Bluetooth
  • Analysis, Digital Index, Graph and History
  • Sharing Sound Data via SNS & E-mail Easily

Diagnosis by Artificial Intelligence

  • Proven Algorithms by Medical Professionals of Major Hospitals Clinically
  • Respiratory(Lung) : Normal/Abnormal, Pneumonia, Bronchiectasis, Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Heart: Normal/Abnormal, Arrhythmia

How it works

For personal healthcare use and telemedicine at home

  • Connect smart stethoscope and smartphone through Bluetooth.
  • Run the Skeeper Pro App.
  • Enter your own answers to questionnaire.
  • Choose heart or lung, then move to the measurement screen.
  • Choose the measuring spot and time duration, then presse start.
  • Save the result and send it to doctor via email or SNS.
  • Record and manage the measurement result.

Skeeper SM-300 System Structure


Wireless Connection
BLE 5.0
Basic Specification
Size (W x L x H)
62 x 62 x 35
Micro USB, 3.5 pi Audio Jack
Mic Sensor Type
MEMS Microphone
Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer
Recharging Time
Approx. 2 Hours
Battery Life Time
Approx. 8 Hours (Measurement)