Use Cases

  • Non-face-to-face care in COVID-19 Dedicated/Severe Hospitals
  • Interworking with Hospital EMR(Electronic Medical Record) System
  • Interworking with Flexible Medical System
  • Interworking with the Telemedicine(Marine Medical) System
  • Monitoring of Pregnant Women/Fetal Health
  • Local Government 'AI smart health project'

1. COVID-19 dedicated/severe hospital

  • Isolation room

    • Direct stethoscope through the wireless earphones of nurses/doctors in the isolation negative pressure ward(SkeeperⓇ SM-300)
    • A non-face-to-face stethoscope through wireless earphones or system interworking of the hearing data in the isolation negative pressure ward
    • The transfer of stored stethoscope data to remote locations: training, collaboration purposes
  • Outpatient clinic

    • The lung sound of outpatients and moved patients is measured by SkeeperⓇ SM-300, and the doctor makes a real-time stethoscope in a blocked space
  • ※ The same applies to dedicated facilities such as residential treatment centers

2. Interworking with university hospital EMR system (stethoscope data)

Establishment of a more precise medical service environment by the accumulation of stethoscope sounds by time by safely linking the stethoscope data measured from the outside with the hospital information system(EMR) based on the non-face-to-face treatment platform operated by the hospital

※ Partner organizations: ezCaretech, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, FSH Korea (Time of commercialization: December 2022)
  • Expected effect

    • Accumulation of stethoscope data through the interworking of EMR, the first domestic and foreign hospital/Improvement of artificial intelligence accuracy / possibility of interworking of Global EMR Platform(Cerner, Epic, etc.)
    • The possibility of other related R&D/clinical trials of stethoscope, etc.

3. Interworking with flexible medical system

The development of a SW platform that provides highly cost-effective on-site medical services for members of society with poor access to healthcare through the development of mobile medical services based on 5G and Edge Computing

※ Cooperative organizations:
Severance Hospital, Ontact Health, Be+ Lab, Huray Positive, SK Telecom, ETRI, Bit Computer, etc.
  • Expected effect

    • Healthcare for vulnerable group with difficulty in mobility, reduction of social costs through regular medical treatment in medically underprivileged areas, and early preoccupation of the global market in the field of mobile medical services.

4. Interworking with the marine medical(telemedicine) system

Marine telemedicine support project
  • The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, in collaboration with Pusan National University Hospital, has been implementing a ‘marine telemedicine support project’ that utilizes a marine telemedicine system based on satellites between ships since 2015, and provided 13,783 services for 120 ships in 2021.
A medical device provided by SkeeperⓇ SM-300 to the ship
  • It is being used by 3,000 people in 140 ocean merchant ships and fishing vessels as of 2022, and has been selected as a medical device provided by SkeeperⓇ SM-300 to the ship, completing the development of the interface with the platform of the marine telemedicine system

5. Monitoring of pregnant women/fetal health

  • Busan Paik Hospital

    • Busan Paik Hospital: Fetal heart sound stethoscope at home and the calculation of BPM(2023.3Q: At-home fetal motion test solution)
  • Expected effect

    • Expected effect : The possibility of connection between home and obstetrics and gynecology, the decrease in the number of ultrasound contacts, and the improvement of customer value

6. Local government 'AI smart health project'

By actively using artificial intelligence (AI) in the area of caring for citizens of community health risk groups and managing chronically ill people, the health operation efficiency of local governments is advanced by switching from limited support personnel in local health centers to smart digital healthcare systems.

※ Cooperative organizations: Anyang City Public Health Center, Korea Public Procurement Service