Smartsound, Awarded the Minister of Health and Welfare Award for Merit for Commercialization of Health and Medical Technology in 2022

Smartsound was recognized for its contribution to the development of the domestic health and medical industry, and received a commendation from the Minister of Health and Welfare for contribution to commercialization of health care technology for health industry promotion in 2022.

‘Skeeper’ developed by SmartSound is linked to the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea University Anam Hospital, including ‘5G Edge Computing-based Mobile Flexible Medical SW Platform Technology Development’ Clinical cooperation is underway with about 10 world-class domestic general hospitals. Through this, it is securing and upgrading artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis technology that can diagnose the main symptoms of heart and lung diseases, which are the 1st to 4th in the world, with high accuracy.

In addition, Skeeper is also being used for non-face-to-face remote medical treatment. In an isolation ward in a hospital dedicated to COVID-19, the doctor in charge outside the isolation ward diagnoses the results of auscultation through real-time auscultation sound monitoring, and stores auscultation sound data for each patient to check symptom changes and manage history. There are examples. Based on these cases, it can also be used as a standardized non-face-to-face solution in preparation for POST infectious disease treatment.

Smartsound developed and succeeded in developing an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for the first time in Korea to determine cardiopulmonary diseases with a smart stethoscope.