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Smartsound corporation has been working to secure key technologies (HSC, instrument design, AI diagnosis) to diagnose diseases based on bio sound in the 12 years since its foundation in 2011. Since 2021, in cooperation with 12 of the nation's top university hospitals, it has begun collecting and analyzing clinical data on the sounds of the hearts and lungs of hospitalized/inpatient patients in the largest scale in the country. Through this, it has secured “AI diagnosis technologies and solutions” that can accurately diagnose and there are symptoms of lung disease(5 types) and heart disease(5 types), respectively, and focuses on certification of related medical care at home and abroad and secures intellectual property rights.


Global No.1
in the new smart stethoscope market

SkeeperⓇ will inherit the value of the contribution to the human health of the stethoscope of the past 200 years, and create the innovative values of the next 200 years

The SkeeperⓇ for home use will lead the “digital homecare market” and the SkeeperⓇ for doctors will be the ‘Game Changer’, which will vanish the necklace stethoscope used in hospitals into history

Global No.1
in the AI diagnostic solution market based on human sound signals

Human sound signals: kidneys, lungs(breathing), abdomen, bronchi, sleep, fetal heart sounds, voice, etc.

A study of the continuous AI disease classification model through clinical cooperation with the world’s best global university hospitals

Global No.1
in the healthcare platform service market based on human sound signals

The evolution of personalized Healthcare services and disease prediction solutions through the convergence of individual human sound signals and health information such as Lifelof, examination, oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram and body temperature

Global No.1
in the accuracy of diagnosis of MMVD of companion animals (Myxomatous Mitral Valve Degeneration)

Making into big data of heart/lung sounds measures by WITHaPET™ devices, and early diagnosis of MMVD by WITHaPET™ AI(the first in the world)

Core Advantages

Heart and lung health analysis with AI
The world’s first all-in-one smart stethoscope
Skeeper R1
Stethoscope optimized for family health management at home
Skeeper H1
Skeeper SM-300
A patch-type stethoscope that can be attached to the body for long-term monitoring
Skeeper P1
AI diagnosis service based on clinical data
Free service
Paid service

Core Competencies

  • Core Technology Manpower

    • H/W : H/W Development capability with sound technology
    • S/W : Sound processing technology, firmware, algorithm design, communication technology, server technology
  • Leading Technology Ensure

    • Acoustic collection and preprocessing technology considering H/W sound input properties.
    • Data transmission technology for collecting sound through bluetooth communication
    • Optimal background noise reduction technology
    • Low frequency sound transmission technology
  • Securing Intellectual Property

    • Stethoscope device smartphone-linked stethoscope
    • Heartbeat regularity: regularity analysis of
      R-PEAK between each of heart sounds (patented)
    • Heartbeat lullaby : Mixing with mom's heart sound and music (patented)
    • Pet health measurement system and method

Skeeper Edge AI

Skeeper AI is a medical support solution that is mounted on the R1 device and enables edge-computing based on stethoscope sound.

Skeeper's AIoT technology enhances the security of medical data and improves the treatment process for medical personnel.

SkeeperCare™ AI Service

(Measurement, diagnosis process and service history) The function to analyze the stethoscope sound to determine whether there is an abnormality in heart and lung health will be provided free of charge.

The opinion of "detailed cardiopulmonary sound disease reading" classified through the consultation of specialists and professors based on clinical data and a program linking health management will be provided for a fee.

AI Free Diagnosis

Cardiopulmonary sound, fetal movement
The presence or absence of cardiopulmonary disease (Y/N)

AI Paid Diagnosis

Detailed disease reading/Interworking with the healthcare Program
  • Aortic valve stenosis
  • Aortic regurgitation
  • Mitral valve stenosis
  • Mitral valve reflux
  • A Mechanical artificial valve replacement patient
  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)
  • Pneumonia
  • Interstitial lung disease(IDL)
  • Pleural effusion
  • Prenatal inspection
  • Pregnant women’s stress management
  • AI self-diagnosis of respiratory
  • infectious disease (Clinical)

Hardware & Software


  • Amplification of Microphone Heartbeat Sound
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Using DSP S/W, Acoustic Filtering Technology
  • Frequency Change by Mode / Measurement Technology
  • Bluetooth Communication RF / Antenna Design Technology
  • Design and Debugging


  • Using Bluetooth, Transfer the Heartbeat Data Technology
  • Inaudibility Sound Frequency Change & Sound Waves Range Move
  • Frequency Content Normalization
  • Heartbeat Visualization Technology
  • Through the R-Peak Analysis, Calculate the Regularity




  • Anyang City Announced (AI) Smart Stethoscope Health Promotion Project with Smartsound


  • Minister of Health and Welfare Award: Merit for Commercialization of Health and Medical Technology in 2022


  • Smartsound ‘WITHaPET’ Won the European Fressnapf Group Innovation Award
  • Green Cross Veterinary Products will Distribute ‘WITHaPET’ in Korea


  • Signed a Global Healthcare Business Agreement with LG Electronics


  • Be+LAB, Signing a Business Agreement for ”Building a Smart Healthcare Hub”


  • Interworking with Skeeper® Marine Telemedicine System (Pusan National University Hospital)
  • Establishment of Data for Chest Hearing AI Learning,’ launch of business – Yonsei University Severance Hospital
  • Development of EMR Connection and Security Enhancement in University Hospitals’ – Seoul
    National University Hospital


  • ‘Development of AI Disease Detection Solution for Companion Animals’ – Seoul National University Veterinary School
  • ‘Development of Mobile Flexible Medical SW based on Edge Computing’ – Yonsei University Severance Hospital, Ontact Health
  • Minister of Science and Technology Award: ‘AI Cardiopulmonary Classification Model’
  • Launch of a clinical study on cardiac sound at Korea University Anam Hospital
  • Acquisition of ISO 13485(International Quality Standards)


  • Application of COVID-19 home treatment pilot project in Busan City


  • Launch of a fetal monitoring study at Inje University Paik Hospital
  • The conclusion of business agreement with Kosin University Gospel Hospital


  • Launch of a clinical study on lung sounds at Korea University Anam Hospital

2020 - 2021


  • Designation of innovation prototype by Public Procurement Service
  • Application to the medical treatment at Chung-Ang University Hospital and exclusive COVID-19 hospitals
  • Certification as a family-friendly enterprise(Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)


  • Application to the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Seoul Boramae Hospital
  • The conclusion of an ontact health business agreement


  • Application to the treatment of COVID-19 patients at Korea University Anam Hospital


  • ‘Development of AI Cardiopulmonary Sound Disease Classification Model’
    – Catholic University of Korea Seoul ST.MARY`S Hospital
  • Certification as Mainbiz(Ministry of SMEs and Startups)


  • Designation as venture country procurement items (Public Procurement Service)


  • Certification as Korea MFDS medical device GMP


  • Exports to Japan, India and Russia


  • Second place in the US NASA World Innovation competition


  • Registered by FDA of the United States


  • Registration as the US Procurement System(SAM) company


  • Launch of Skeeper SM-300

2017 – 2019


  • Healthcare Innovation Cup Winner of Department of Health and Human Services


  • Winner of the Taiwan COMPUTEX d&I Award


  • R&D cooperation in the healthcare sector with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University(NTU)


  • Winner of the Singapore IOT ASIA 2018 grand prize


  • Participation in the global exhibitions(CES, MWC, CEBIT, etc.).


  • Selection as the Seoul National University Silicon Valley IR Expedition


  • Selection as a high-growth export company

2011 - 2016


  • Selection as K GLOBAL 300


  • Joint development with Seoul National University Medical School(SMASH)


  • K-HEALTH class 1 membership


  • Participation at 2014CES(Samsung Electronics)


  • Launch of Skeeper SM-100


  • Cooperation with Samsung Electronics Mobile Healthcare